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L Lives of Saints

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St Norman

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*SERVICE TO HUMANKIND IS SERVICE TO CHRIST* *A meditation from Luke 16:19‐31*




_And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been set in place, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us.(Luke 16: 26)_


The scripture tells of a story of a wealthy man who ostentatiously displayed his wealth with beautiful clothes and lavish feasts and a poor man called Lazarus who was hungry, whose body had sores and dogs came to lick the sores. When they both passed on, the poor man was carried by angels and taken to Abraham’s side while the rich man went to hell where there were lots of suffering. The rich man looked up and saw Abraham with Lazarus by his side and pleaded that he sends Lazarus to dip a tip of his finger in water and cool his tongue because he was in agony of the fire.  We see Abraham reminding the rich of his exorbitant lifestyle while on earth and the sufferings that Lazarus encountered but now Lazarus is comforted but the rich is in agony.  Besides a great Chasm has been fixed so no one can cross over to the other. We see him again pleading with Abraham that he sends Lazarus to his 5 brothers to warn them so that they don’t go to hell. If someone comes back from the dead and tells them of the reality on the ground at hell they will repent. But Abraham tells him, they have Moses and prophets let them listen but if they don’t, then no one can convince them otherwise.

My dear Brethren, the rich man and poor man represents you and me as Christians, how do we relate with one another? Many are the times we look down on the less fortunate in the society, again at the place of work or in our businesses, we take others to be superior & others inferior. You cannot even talk to the cleaners in the office, the guards even just saying hello to them it’s a big issue, when you have occasions, you want only to invite the who and who in the society or in ur family and disregard others. The sores I can relate them with the vices those that defile our hearts, e.g. pride, selfishness, evil thoughts, hatred, corruption etc. My dear Christians how many times do we hear the word of God but we do not want to put it into practice what is preached. We are told during this lent season, lets read the word of God more (ignorance of scripture is ignorance of Christ), pray more, give alms, visit the sick and those we often forget‐ the prisoners, attend the way of the cross – the stations are a reminder of the sufferings that Jesus went through for our salvation but we are ignorant or assume it’s should be done by a particular group in church, are we not the 5 brothers of the rich man?.  Moses and the prophets are our priests, Bishops & preachers.

We are called upon to believe in Christ and to trust in him, we have been given talents/gifts lets utilize them for the glorification of Christ, be our brother’s keeper and relate well and practice what we preach, this will encourage the non‐believers to want to know more of who Christ is and bring them to fold. Let the Christ in us be seen in our genuine actions, done with love and humility for God’s glorification. Let’s repent our sins, attend confessions, commune with Christ in Eucharist and in the end we shall inherit God’s kingdom and avoid the chasm division.

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. Matthew 25:40


*Lord help us to be pencils of love and service, Amen*

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